3 Essential Tips for Commercial CCTV Installation


Installing a commercial security camera is crucial to having a fully functional surveillance system. These cameras are installed in high visibility areas such as the store's entrance, cashier counter, exit, and loading bay. Some businesses also use CCTV for monitoring the production process or worker performance. These cameras have high-resolution images, can record videos, and have the data stored in a digital video recorder. They have different specifications based on their usage and purpose, which makes it essential to install the right one that fits your business requirements and security level.

24 August 2022

Are Your Security Cameras Still Up To The Task?


Technology has advanced very rapidly in almost every area of industry there is. From production and refinement of basic resources to extremely intricate wiring and microprocessors that have made phones so much faster and more reliable. Security systems have also seen a boom in technology of late, and perhaps nowhere is this more obvious than with the traditional security camera. While security cameras have been around for decades, if you haven't upgraded yours in the last five or so years, you are missing out on some seriously impressive features that would benefit any home or business, so you might want to consider upgrading.

16 November 2021

Should You Invest in a Home Security System? 4 Benefits These Units Offer


Sadly, some homeowners disregard the need for a home security system. However, when you consider the welfare of your loved ones, you'll understand why it is vital to invest in a residential security system. Here are the outstanding benefits of installing this unit in your home: 1. Emergency Medical Assistance House alarm systems with a medical emergency feature are handy for people living with the elderly. They can also be efficient when living with a loved one who demands regular medical attention.

25 June 2021

Why Thermal CCTV Cameras Are an Excellent Security Option


CCTV cameras with thermal imaging are among the most effective security investments you will find in the modern world. The best thing about thermal CCTV is that it requires no light to relay feedback. These cameras can record high-quality video while eliminating obstacles that may come in the way of other types of CCTV cameras. They can get past obstruction from things such as dust, fog and smoke. Thermal cameras have numerous advantages, giving them an edge over some of the most common variants in today's market.

23 December 2020

Security Camera Installation Spots for a Secure Home


The security of a home is of utmost importance if you consider that about 2.4% of Australian households experienced a break-in between 2018 and 2019. In fact, today's burglars spend very little time getting into a home, and they mostly focus houses with no security add-ons. It might explain why homeowners are installing surveillance cameras inside and outside their homes. That said, security priorities and budget allocation impact the installation of security cameras in residential dwellings.

8 October 2020

Is It Worth Buying and Installing a Home Security System?


Nobody wants to find themselves the victim of a break-in, but you may wonder if getting a home security system is worth the expense or effort. Here are some pros and cons of such a system to help you decide. The pros Firstly, such a system may deter break-ins in the first place. An opportunistic burglar is much less likely to target your home if they see that you have taken steps to protect it — they will devote their efforts to finding other homes in your neighbourhood without such protection.

20 August 2020

Top Tips to Maximise Wireless Security Solutions


In the past when businesses started connecting to the internet, the computer, the phone and other security systems were connected to a network via cables. However, while hardwired networks worked for some time, the emergence of wireless solutions upped the ante. Wireless solutions have continued to offer services that clients could previously only dream about. This explains why you do not see many cables in most businesses. However, despite these benefits, companies must still be proactive at maximising wireless security solutions.

22 January 2020

4 Key Ways to Maximise the Effectiveness of Your Access Control System


Any business owner investing in access control systems always aims at getting the best value out of it. These advanced security systems have many benefits when it comes to the safety of your business, but they have to be utilized in the right manner.  The following are four ways to maximize the effectiveness of your access control system: Install the Right Access Control Systems  Depending on your security requirements and business premises, you may require an unusual access control system.

20 November 2019

The importance of having an audit log for your alarm systems


Alarm systems protect many different premises against threats and security breaches. However, it's not enough to simply install the alarm system on your property and walk away. You also need to constantly monitor the system for performance. Tracking performance levels will enable you to keep up with newly emergent threats and to make any relevant changes (to your system) as necessary. A useful way of tracking the performance of your alarm system is by using audit logs.

24 October 2018

Understanding and programming motion detection cameras


Security cameras are important safety devices for ensuring proper surveillance on your property. Motion detection is a useful feature of CCTV systems, as it allows the camera to become active only when it is needed. By using image sensing and capture, the camera can detect motion and provide a high resolution image/video of what is happening. The cameras can also be set to detect motion only in specific areas, such as near doors and windows.

13 June 2018