The importance of having an audit log for your alarm systems


Alarm systems protect many different premises against threats and security breaches. However, it's not enough to simply install the alarm system on your property and walk away. You also need to constantly monitor the system for performance. Tracking performance levels will enable you to keep up with newly emergent threats and to make any relevant changes (to your system) as necessary.

A useful way of tracking the performance of your alarm system is by using audit logs. An audit log is an electronic document that records all activities occurring within your security system. It keeps a record of any alarms that were triggered, user IDs of all people who have access to your system, periods when the alarms were turned on/off and any changes that were made to the settings of the alarm itself.

Simply put, an audit log essentially acts as a diary that records all the events happening with your security system.

But why is an audit log important anyway? 

Keeping a record of all threats

If your alarm had to go off because someone attempted to open a door or window, you will get a record of this activity on the log. With a detailed record of all threats, you can better understand the risks that you're likely to face. For example, you can determine the times when your property is vulnerable to attacks, so you can take steps to upgrade the security of your property. 

Keeping track of all users of the alarm system

An audit log also keeps track of all users who made changes to the system. If anyone attempted to turn your alarms on/off or change various surveillance settings, you can obtain a record of when those changes happened and by who.

These records are particularly important for commercial properties where many different people may have access to the alarm system. If any suspicious changes were made, you can work your way backwards and figure out what happened.

Providing evidence of attempted or successful break-ins

The audit logs of alarm systems can also be used as evidence of a security breach. Rather than communicating that your alarms went off by word of mouth, you can share audit logs with your alarm system installer or relevant security authorities. These detailed logs will serve as clear evidence of any attempted or successful security breaches.

Implementing steps for better security

Perhaps the biggest benefit of audit logs is that they can be used to make your security system better. If a threat occurred and the alarms didn't detect it, you can figure out where your weak points are. Similarly, if the alarms were triggered under the wrong circumstances, you can also make the necessary adjustments.


24 October 2018

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