3 Essential Tips for Commercial CCTV Installation


Installing a commercial security camera is crucial to having a fully functional surveillance system. These cameras are installed in high visibility areas such as the store's entrance, cashier counter, exit, and loading bay. Some businesses also use CCTV for monitoring the production process or worker performance.

These cameras have high-resolution images, can record videos, and have the data stored in a digital video recorder. They have different specifications based on their usage and purpose, which makes it essential to install the right one that fits your business requirements and security level. Here are three valuable tips to make the best decision for your commercial CCTV installation.

Where do you want to install the cameras? 

Before you even choose a specific brand or type of camera for your commercial CCTV installation, you must have an idea of where you intend to mount the CCTV cameras. The two main choices are indoors and outdoors. Depending on the commercial activities on your business premises, you must consider cameras that will weather those conditions. For example, the cameras must be protected if there is a lot of heat and dust within the building to run efficiently.

On the other hand, a commercial CCTV installation requires durable cameras for the exterior. Some cameras are equipped with an inbuilt heater to protect them from low temperatures. Furthermore, they must be mounted securely and in a tamper-proof location.  

Can you get audio integration?

For a basic commercial CCTV installation, audio integration is not as important. Most businesses prefer not to have it since it is an added expense, especially when it comes to data storage.

However, the need for an audio add-on should be based on the level of security you require for your business. If you handle sensitive materials, you may want to monitor what your employees discuss on your premises.

In addition, the audio integration could be used to activate your cameras when they detect noise within restricted areas. The enhanced security makes it a justified investment.

What quality do you want for your video recordings?

One of the most challenging decisions you will face is determining the camera resolution your need for your business. That is why hiring a commercial CCTV installation service is vital to help guide you in choosing tailored cameras for your specific needs.

For example, if your main goal is to monitor theft on your property, a high-resolution camera is essential to aid in identifying and persecuting the perpetrators.

However, if your primary objective is to monitor a work floor and observe your employees, a lower-resolution CCTV setup will work just as well.

With the assistance of a commercial CCTV installation technician, you can save a lot of money that you may have otherwise spent on unnecessary equipment.


24 August 2022

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