Top Tips to Maximise Wireless Security Solutions


In the past when businesses started connecting to the internet, the computer, the phone and other security systems were connected to a network via cables. However, while hardwired networks worked for some time, the emergence of wireless solutions upped the ante. Wireless solutions have continued to offer services that clients could previously only dream about. This explains why you do not see many cables in most businesses. However, despite these benefits, companies must still be proactive at maximising wireless security solutions.

Turn Off the Workplace Network After Business Hours

When using a wireless network in the workplace during the day, it is easy to tell when there is a breach of the system. Therefore, the concerned department can work to combat the threat. However, the risk of a wireless security breach increases after business hours, when no one is left at the business premises. If you leave your network on, then you make it easy for unscrupulous people to gain access to your wireless network and compromise your business's security. By turning off the network completely, you eliminate the channel through which hackers can gain access to a back door into your system. Therefore, make it a policy in your business to turn off the wireless network when workers leave the office.

Physically Secure Wireless Devices

During the installation of wireless security solutions, businesses are asked to ensure they use the most secure encryption to prevent possible hacking. Although you can have strong encryption, malicious individuals can use other avenues to gain access to your network. For instance, access points such as wireless routers have a refresh button, which anybody can press and restore the entire network to default settings. Consequently, this removes wireless security, thereby allowing hackers easy access. For this reason, it is crucial to secure access points and other devices physically so that only authorised personnel can approach them.

Disable Remote Access

While remote access has played a significant role in advancing technologies such as cloud solutions, it is crucial to remember that hackers are always on the lookout for businesses that have their router's remote access control enabled. This is because malicious individuals can access the privacy settings of the connected device. Once in, they can manipulate the router's settings with relative ease. By disabling remote access, you make it difficult for hackers because there is no bridge connecting them to the main router. If you must have remote accessibility, then do so only if your data is protected in the cloud.

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22 January 2020

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