Is It Worth Buying and Installing a Home Security System?


Nobody wants to find themselves the victim of a break-in, but you may wonder if getting a home security system is worth the expense or effort. Here are some pros and cons of such a system to help you decide.

The pros

Firstly, such a system may deter break-ins in the first place. An opportunistic burglar is much less likely to target your home if they see that you have taken steps to protect it — they will devote their efforts to finding other homes in your neighbourhood without such protection. It is much easier to spend some time and money avoiding a break-in than to deal with its effects.

The system also makes things easier should a break-in occur. You can connect your alarm to a company that will alert the police, which means that your intruder could be apprehended while still in the act. If not, any CCTV footage could be invaluable in catching the culprit and bringing them to justice.

Finally, a home security system will not only be useful for burglaries — it can also be combined with a fire and smoke detection system which will protect your home against any accidents, automatically informing the emergency services in the event of a fire on your property when you are not there to deal with it.

The cons

On the downside, it is undeniable that home security systems cost money. But the price has come down in recent years and it is worth comparing this outlay with the cost of clearing up after a burglary. There may be damage to be fixed as well as possessions to be replaced. These will require an initial outlay even if you can claim the full cost back on insurance. You may also find that your insurance premiums become much cheaper when you install a home security system. You will begin to save money as soon as the system is up and running.

There is also the problem that if you forget to disarm your system when you return home you could find yourself setting the alarm off by accident. You may be charged by the police if they have to respond to too many false alarms.

It makes sense to invest in protecting your home and your family by installing a home security system. Not only will it save you money, but the extra peace of mind will be priceless.

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20 August 2020

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