Are Your Security Cameras Still Up To The Task?


Technology has advanced very rapidly in almost every area of industry there is. From production and refinement of basic resources to extremely intricate wiring and microprocessors that have made phones so much faster and more reliable. Security systems have also seen a boom in technology of late, and perhaps nowhere is this more obvious than with the traditional security camera. While security cameras have been around for decades, if you haven't upgraded yours in the last five or so years, you are missing out on some seriously impressive features that would benefit any home or business, so you might want to consider upgrading. 

Night Vision

Night vision has been around for a while, it was not always so easily accessible at the consumer level. Modern security cameras can come with very powerful night vision that has very strong infrared LED's which make spotting most things in the dark a very simple process. Night vision quality has also improved dramatically, which means that it is no longer just a gimmick but a real, tangible benefit, seeing as most break-ins and burglaries happen at night. Always make sure when looking for security cameras that you are aware of whether you want it inside or outside your home, as the night vision can be different on these models.

PIR Sensor 

PIR sensors are an absolute must-have on your security cameras because they allow you to detect the motion of items that are on screen. PIR stands for passive infrared, and it feeds thermal imaging to an AI algorithm which then detects whether the difference in heat is normal or indicates the movement of something or someone on screen. This can then alert you by phone or alarm on your computer that something is moving on your security camera and ask you to verify it or perhaps even report this to a security monitoring company.

Field Of View

Field of view is very important because it allows your security camera to cover more ground without the need for additional devices. Look for security cameras that have a wider field of view — upwards of 90 degrees. This is a fairly modern addition as the field of view in the past was much more limited due to the quality of the lenses and the sensors. If you have had trouble with blind spots in your security setup, then you know how frustrating they can be. Avoid this by upgrading your cameras and protecting your home or business far more effectively! 

Talk to a security company to purchase security cameras.


16 November 2021

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