Security Camera Installation Spots for a Secure Home


The security of a home is of utmost importance if you consider that about 2.4% of Australian households experienced a break-in between 2018 and 2019. In fact, today's burglars spend very little time getting into a home, and they mostly focus houses with no security add-ons. It might explain why homeowners are installing surveillance cameras inside and outside their homes. That said, security priorities and budget allocation impact the installation of security cameras in residential dwellings.

8 October 2020

Is It Worth Buying and Installing a Home Security System?


Nobody wants to find themselves the victim of a break-in, but you may wonder if getting a home security system is worth the expense or effort. Here are some pros and cons of such a system to help you decide. The pros Firstly, such a system may deter break-ins in the first place. An opportunistic burglar is much less likely to target your home if they see that you have taken steps to protect it — they will devote their efforts to finding other homes in your neighbourhood without such protection.

20 August 2020

Top Tips to Maximise Wireless Security Solutions


In the past when businesses started connecting to the internet, the computer, the phone and other security systems were connected to a network via cables. However, while hardwired networks worked for some time, the emergence of wireless solutions upped the ante. Wireless solutions have continued to offer services that clients could previously only dream about. This explains why you do not see many cables in most businesses. However, despite these benefits, companies must still be proactive at maximising wireless security solutions.

22 January 2020