A Beginner's Guide to Choosing the Best CCTV Camera for Home


Many years ago, only businesses had security cameras protecting their property; today, however, these cameras are very affordable and very discreet, so they're now commonly used on residential properties as well as businesses. Closed circuit TV, or CCTV, cameras and a CCTV alarm can monitor your home when you're away, or at night when the family is sleeping, potentially scaring off intruders or making it easier for police to identify burglars if they should break into the home. If you've never had a CCTV camera at home before, note a few tips on how to choose the best one for your security needs.


The clarity of a camera will determine the crispness of the images it records; analogue cameras are not as crisp, and their pictures may be a bit fuzzy and blurry, whereas high-definition cameras will offer picture-perfect images. If you're installing a camera inside the home, you probably don't need a high-def camera, as intruders would then be close enough to the camera for it to get a clear picture. However, for outdoor cameras where potential intruders may be at the far end of your property, invest in high-def clarity for the best picture and the best view overall.


For cameras that monitor your home or property at night, be sure to invest in low light filming. These cameras are manufactured to pull in as much light from around them as possible, so that night-time images are not overly dark and fuzzy.

Understand the software and recording abilities

In times past, a CCTV camera hooked up to a VCR that recorded the images on a VHS tape. Today, however, a camera may connect via wireless signals to a private internet site, so you can monitors what the camera records in real-time. Other CCTV cameras may connect to a computer that records the images on a disc, but doesn't connect to an internet site. Some may have a separate program that allows you to set the camera to a timer, so it starts and stops recording at certain times. This can be very convenient if you want to record every day; you won't need to manually switch the camera on when you leave the house in the morning, and switch it off at night.

Be sure you understand these differences in recording features and software, rather than assuming that all CCTV cameras connect to an internet site, or that they all need to be manually turned on and off. This will ensure you choose the best software to go with your new camera and equipment.


22 September 2017

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