4 Ways to Keep your Property Safe and Secure


A safe and secure home is a priority for many households. Therefore, a security system is often a smart investment for your property, in order to increase the protection of your home and family. But there are many types of security systems available, and it can be difficult to select a decent one. It is important to do your research and find something you are comfortable with and feel will offer adequate protection. Here are 4 ways you can protect your home:

A monitored system: If you want a convenient way of monitoring and dealing with any security issues, this may be a valid option. If the system identifies a break in, a fire or any security issue, it will give notice to the home security company or appropriate authorities to deal with it accordingly. This is especially ideal if you are on vacation or are frequently out of the state, where you can be relaxed and know that your home will be monitored and secured. The main disadvantage with this security system is the cost, as it is usually the most expensive compared to other systems.

An Unmonitored system: Unlike a monitored system, when the system detects an issue, it does not automatically communicate it to the security company. It mainly relies on you or your neighbours to take action and contact relevant authorities, which can be stressful for you and your family. There are different types of unmonitored systems, such as one that can be wirelessly connected to your phone or laptop where you can receive alerts for easy monitoring, or other simple security alarm packages that are easy to install. This is a less expensive option than a monitored system.

Car Alarm: While not for the house, a car alarm is an important way to secure your car, and what is in your car, from potential intruders. Similar to a home alarm, it gives out a loud siren sound which can alert you of any problems or scare away the intruder.

Other Security Hacks: Besides purchasing a security system, there are other less expensive and simple things you can do to protect yourself and your home. One way is to stick fake warning stickers such as 'Beware of Dog' stickers in visible places such as on windows of your house to act as deterrents for burglars. If you are away on holiday, ask a relative or friend to frequently put away mail, so you won't have mail lying around, giving the impression that your house is unattended. Sensor lights are also useful in alarming and scaring away potential intruders. Lastly, getting to know your neighbours is a great way to form a community and stay safe!

Security systems and utilising smart security hacks can be greatly beneficial in protecting your family and property. It is important that you explore the different options available and invest in a security system that you believe will serve and protect you best. Make sure to always be vigilant of surroundings and be smart when it comes to the protection of your family and home!


24 April 2017

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