What You Need to Know When Buying a CCTV System


CCTV refers to a closed circuit TV system, meaning that a picture is captured on a camera and then transmitted to just one receiver; this is unlike standard television signals, which are widely broadcast and which can then be picked up by anyone with the right antenna or cable system. A CCTV system is a good choice for monitoring your home or business, so note some information you might need to understand in order to buy a system for either location.

Needing a DVR

The term DVR refers to digital video recording; an image is captured on a camera and converted to a digital format, which is then recorded and played back by the DVR. This is different than a VCR, which captures the image on video or tape. The DVR system can hold many more hours of information and will work with a chip or small disk.

Note that a CCTV system doesn't automatically record images but simply shows the images being picked up by a camera. If you want to record those images for later playback, you will need a DVR to go with the CCTV system. When buying the DVR with the CCTV system, note the number of hours that can be recorded by each chip or disk, as you need sufficient hours for monitoring your business on the weekend or your home when you're at the office during the day.


Note that audio is not automatically a part of a CCTV system; the system will capture only what the camera is equipped for, and most cameras used for this system do not have built-in microphones and are not wired to pick up sound. If you want to ensure you capture conversations and other audio, you may need to get an audio package as a separate plug-in, or ensure you buy a camera with the CCTV system with a microphone.


The illumination or brightness of anything is measured in terms of lux; the higher the lux, the brighter the object or a certain area. As an example, an outdoor area in broad daylight will have a higher lux value than an interior room with the curtains drawn.

When you want to purchase a CCTV system, you may see a measurement for lux. If you want to use the camera without lighting, flash and the like, or if you want to use it at night, you need to ensure it operates in low lux conditions.


29 March 2017

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