What to Look For in a New Commercial Security System


Whether you're shopping for a new commercial security system or are replacing your old system, you might get a bit overwhelmed by all the features and options from which to choose. The right features can enhance the security of your business and reduce outside theft, employee theft, vandalism and even employee downtime, so you don't want to overlook any features you may need in your new system. Note a few things you should look for in a new commercial security system and why these options can be so important.

Wireless versus hardwired

A hardwired system will plug in to the building's electrical systems; this is good for when you want to put the camera in one spot and leave it. A wireless system will work on batteries, just like a camcorder. If you want to move the camera around, such as using it when patrolling the grounds, choose the wireless option. Note, however, that you may need backup batteries; check the lifespan of each battery and ensure you get enough to last through one shift or as needed.

Access logs

It can be good to purchase a system that logs or tracks everyone who accesses every feature of the system; this can tell you if someone on your staff accessed the camera system to erase or alter images, as an example, or switched off the alarm or cameras in certain areas. Access logs can also track when someone accesses secure areas that are monitored by the system, such as when a keypad is used or when certain doors are opened with certain keys.

Conditional recording

A CCTV system is usually connected to a DVR or other recording device, but you may not need to record every minute of activity on your grounds, especially if a building or parking area should be unoccupied. Conditional recording will engage the recording feature according to its program; it might only begin to record when motion is sensed, or it can be programmed to start recording at a certain time, such as when the security staff leaves for the day.

Hazard detection

Your security system can include features that detect hazards such as smoke, fire, rising heat, floodwaters, elevated carbon monoxide levels and the like. An alarm can sound, emergency personnel can be alerted and sprinkler systems engaged from your security system rather than a separate fire suppression system. This can also allow you to access this system remotely, so you can be notified of such an emergency, switch off the system when needed or communicate directly with emergency personnel.


29 March 2017

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