4 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Company's Security System


Your company's security system is probably just as important as your retail inventory, your production methods and every other part of your business; after all, without good security on your commercial property, it doesn't matter what you create or try to sell, as it can be stolen or vandalized before it ever reaches your end user. Good security is also needed to protect expensive electronics and computers as well as records in an office, so you want to upgrade it as often as needed. Note a few signs that it's time to upgrade the security system on your commercial property and how this can protect your company.

Grainy pictures from security cameras

If your security cameras capture someone stealing or vandalizing but the pictures are so grainy and blurry that no legitimate identification can be made, then the cameras are actually pointless. There is no reason to have outdated, poor quality security cameras today, as high-definition cameras are more affordable than ever before, and they can easily fit into any area where you want added monitoring. Cameras also can be outfitted with a type of night vision that allows them to pick up added light, resulting in better images at night, and autofocus that will zoom in on faces, license plates of vehicles and other such images.

Use of landlines

Landlines can be good if a cell phone tower goes down or internet service is interrupted, but note that a landline can also be cut by a potential intruder or anyone inside the building. Landlines can also be affected by natural disasters, terrorist attacks and the like, so they are not a failsafe method of keeping your security system functional. If your system relies solely on landlines, you may want to upgrade to a secure internet connection instead, so it can't easily be disconnected.

The software is old

Security systems work on software that control its functions and features, and older software can be more prone to bugs and viruses or slowing down over time. Newer software can mean less risk of shutdowns and also more speed and reliability from your system. In turn, there is less risk of delay in sounding an alarm, locking down a section of your building, engaging motion detectors and monitors and other such features.

You can't access the system offsite

You should be able to access the monitors and other features of your security system when offsite, so you can watch your property as needed, turn on or turn off the alarms, control lights, be alerted if there is an emergency and so on. This enables you to take full control of the security of your property and not rely just an on outdated alarm itself.

If you decide to upgrade your security system, talk to acommercial electrician for help setting it up.


29 March 2017

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